Who should use TIM™?

If you have one or more than one of the following questions in mind with the new Oracle® In-memory features, then you should consider using TIM™:

  • Within a limited size of in-memory, what is the tables’ population solution to put into in-memory?
  • What is the best tables’ population solution for specific time slot in AWR or current SQL workload in SGA?
  • Any solution that can work best with my pre-selected tables’ population?
  • Any solution with less in-memory requirement without sacrifice too much in performance?
  • Are there are any recommended solution that can give an exact plan changes and cost estimation for a give SQL workload down to the SQL level?
  • What is the impact for a specific SQL if I put those recommended tables into Oracle® in-memory?
  • If all tables put into in-memory may not be the best solution for a SQL statement, what is the uncompromised solution for a mission critical SQL statement?