What’s new in Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro for Oracle Version 2 ?

Bring the automatic SQL tuning technology to new heights

With almost doubled the number of hints supported in version 2, Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro (TSE Pro) V2 SQL tuning ability is brought to new heights. It creates a new standard of Hints-injection-based SQL tuning ability that no other tools can achieve in the market. More problematic SQL can be improved with the new Hints and bigger Quota allocation of each Intelligent Level in TSE Pro version 2. The actual test result shows that even very simple SQL statements still have chance to be improved in various environments.

Options Window shows new Quota and Hints setting

Streamline from problematic SQL identification to optimization

A new Tune Top SQLs module is added to TSE Pro version 2, it is a powerful tool that can help user to extract high workload SQL statements from SGA and AWR into a Top SQL Repository and store in local PC. It is a very useful function for DBA to identify problematic SQL statements without the need of going through thousands of lines in program source codes. The layout of the captured SQL statements can be ordered by various resource consumptions, users can easily review and locate problematic SQL statements and prioritize them for later SQL tuning exercise. Each identified problematic SQL statement can be tuned by just a point and click in the Top SQL Repository window, and it is tightly integrated with the Tune SQL function to streamline the flow from problematic SQL identification to SQL optimization. Each tuned SQL will be recorded with improvement statistics and tuned SQL hints solutions. Users can also make any remarks on specific SQL statement as a reminder for follow-up actions.

SQL statements are captured from SGA and to be tuned one by one according to user’s priority

Specific SQL’s tuning details can be shown right next to SQL list tag page