Tosska SQL Maestro Lite (TSMLite™) – At a Glance

Tosska SQL Maestro Lite (TSMLite) is an ultimate SQL Tuning solution that can optimize SQL statements and recommend indexes for any database systems.

SQL Tuning Module
This module helps user to tune a SQL statement and generate a better SQL alternative with performance. With our newly invented Real Balance Search algorithm, our engine can solve very complex SQL statement without bias to certain branches of a SQL syntax. Our SQL solution support the following solutions.

  • SQL Text Replace
  • SQL Plan Baselines
  • SQL Translator Substitute

Index Advisor Module
It is a workload based index advisor embedded with our proprietary AI engine to quickly recommend a set of indexes for a given SQL workload, the recommended indexes can further improve existing SQL statements no matter indexes are manually built already. Our Index Advisor are smart enough to review exist indexes configuration to recommend new indexes, indexes to drop or indexes replacement solutions.  SQL workload statements are easy to capture from Oracle AWR or SGA without extra effort by developers or DBAs.

Management Modules

  • SQL Baselines Manager
  • SQL Translator Manager