Tosska Technologies announces the availability of Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSEM™) for MySQL® version 1.1.0

Probably the only AI-based machine SQL tuning product for the MySQL® database

Apr. 10, 2020

Hong Kong, Apr. 10, 2020 – Tosska Technologies Limited (Tosska), an IT company that provides database and SQL performance related tools using Artificial Intelligent technology, today announces the general availability of Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSEM™) for MySQL® version 1.1.0, making the easy-to-use “one-click machine tuning” product for SQL performance improvement now available for the MySQL® database.

SQL Tuning is a classical problem for every DBAs. It exists in every databases including the MySQL® database that now have thousands of mission critical applications running on it everyday. It’s been a long time DBAs in the MySQL world has been looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful tool for their SQL tuning needs. With Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSEM™) for MySQL®, MySQL DBAs’ dream now come true. MySQL DBAs now can do one-click SQL tuning without human intervention. Making this tedious, and sometimes impossible SQL tuning task possible and easy.

“Users are thrilled with the benefits that our Tosska SQL Tuning Expert for Oracle® product series have brought to them in their day-to-day SQL Tuning works. Many have been asking us when we can bring the power of this one-click easy-to-use SQL Tuning tool to the MySQL® world. Today I am proud to announce the general availability of Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSEM™) for MySQL®, which probably is the only product in the world now that provide AI-based machine SQL tuning capability for the MySQL® database.” said KaMing Ng, CEO of Tosska.

“There have been noise in the MySQL® market that they need a robust SQL tuning tool to ease their work. Unfortunately none of those existing SQL tuning tools in the market meets that need. As such we decided to build a MySQL® specific SQL tuning tool of our own. Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSEM™) for MySQL® uses the same AI SQL machine tuning technology in Tosska’s TSE™ for Oracle® product series but is modified and optimized specifically for the MySQL database. Besides that, we have also added Tosska proprietary tree plan for MySQL® database that not only has rich satistics information like the Tubular Explain from MySQL®, but also has a heirachical structure like what is displaying in Visual plan. The beauty is that all such information can be displayed in a small window for easy reading.” said Richard To, CTO of Tosska.

Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSEM™) for MySQL® is now available for free trial download from Tosska’s website. Please visit Tosska’s website for details.

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