Tosska Technologies announces the availability of Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSE™) for Oracle® version 1.5.0

An innovative machine tuning tool for SQL statements further enhanced

June. 23, 2018

Hong Kong, June 23, 2018 – Tosska Technologies Limited (Tosska), an IT company that provides database and SQL performance related tools, today announces the general availability of Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSE™) version 1.5.0, the enhanced version of their first “one-click machine tuning” product for SQL performance improvement for Oracle®.

SQL Tuning is a classical problem for every DBAs. Tuning SQL statements is finding the fastest route to execute the SQL statements. In order to tune a SQL statement, you are required to know your database architecture and have in-depth knowledge of SQL tuning skill.

“After the first release of Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSE™) back in Dec. 2017, we have seen a high download rate of the product everyday. People are excited about the convenience and power that TSE™ has brought to them in their day-to-day SQL tuning requirements. Many of them have shared with us their successes in using the product and there are cases where SQLs are improved by over 21 times !” said KaMing Ng, CEO of Tosska excitedly. “There are also a lot of cases where TSE™ provided solutions that DBAs have never thought of, if not using the product. Thanks to the innovative proprietary Artificial Intelligent (AI) engine behind the product that can explore rare SQL alternatives that most DBAs won’t thought of just by their experience.”

“Earlier this year, we have released a new line of SQL Tuning solutions called Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro (TSE Pro™), the Professional Versions of the TSE™ series that provides SQL Tuning without the need of source code and with index advise capability. But with the overwhelming success of TSE™, we will NOT stop enhancing our TSE™ product line. That’s why we have released the latest enhanced version of TSE™, version 1.5.0 today,” Mr. Ng continued.

“We have been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks from the public since the availability of TSE™. As a continuous improvement to the capability and user experience of the product, we now make version 1.5.0 general available. TSE™ version 1.5.0 supports the MERGE statement as well as better problem solving ability with more SQL alternatives generation. It now also provides new Bind Variables window and incorporated some minor bug fixes,” said Richard To, CTO of Tosska.

TSE™ version is now available for free download from Tosska’s website. Please visit Tosska’s website for details.

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Tosska Technologies is a company that focuses in providing solutions for database and SQL related performance optimization and improvements. Our mission is to help users to smooth out the hurdle by our new technologies. Furthermore, Tosska is one of the very few companies in the world that focus in using artificial intelligence technology to solve various database performance problems. It is our goal to help our customers to reduce their hardware investment; increase their database applications service level and free up their human resources for more strategic activities with our innovative technologies. For more information visit or email us at

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