Tosska Technologies announces the availability of Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro (TSE Pro™) for Oracle® version 2.0.8

Bringing the automatic SQL tuning technology to new heights

Dec. 20, 2018

Hong Kong, Dec. 20, 2018 – Tosska Technologies Limited (Tosska), an IT company that provides database and SQL performance related tools using Artificial Intelligent technology, today announces the general availability of Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro (TSE Pro™) version 2.0.8, an advanced version of their “one-click machine tuning” product for SQL performance improvement for Oracle®.

SQL Tuning is a classical problem for every DBAs. It requires in-depth knowledge of SQL tuning skill. With Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro (TSE Pro™), DBAs finally have the ultimate SQL tuning tool that can ease their day-to-day tuning job by simple one-click tuning process. TSE Pro™’s Index Adviser also helps DBAs to explore the possibility to further improve SQL performance using indexes yet with good work load balancing for all SQLs involved.

“Continuous improvement to our product is a key R&D directive for Tosska. Though we have received a lot of positive feedback on our TSE Pro™ product, we are keeping on looking for ways to improve it further. The newly announced TSE Pro™ version 2 comes with an enhanced tuning knowledge-base that supports almost double the number of hints comparing to our previous version, bringing the automatic SQL tuning technology to new heights. It creates a new standard of Hints-injection-based SQL tuning ability that no other tools can achieve in the market.” said KaMing Ng, CEO of Tosska. “This increase in supported hints means that more problematic SQL can be improved and the actual test result shows that even very simple SQL statements still have chance to be improved in various environments.”

“We have been keeping our ears open and listen to feedbacks from our users around the world. As such, in TSE Pro™ version 2, we have added a new ‘Tune Top SQLs’ module that can help user to extract high workload SQL statements from SGA and AWR into a ‘Top SQL Repository’ and store in local PC. It is a very useful function for DBA to identify problematic SQL statements without the need of going through thousands of lines in program source codes. Each identified problematic SQL statement can be tuned by just a point-and-click in the Top SQL Repository window, and it is tightly integrated with the Tune SQL function to streamline the flow from problematic SQL identification to SQL optimization. Users can also make any remarks on specific SQL statement as a reminder for follow-up actions.” said Richard To, CTO of Tosska.

TSE Pro™ version 2 is now available for free trial download from Tosska’s website. Please visit Tosska’s website for details.

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