Tosska Technologies announces the availability of their flagship SQL performance tuning product – Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSE™) for Oracle®

An innovative machine tuning tool for SQL statements

Dec. 18, 2017

Hong Kong, December 18, 2017 – Tosska Technologies Limited (Tosska), an IT company that provides database and SQL performance related tools, today announces the general availability of Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSE™), their first product that provide machine tuning capability to improve SQL performance for Oracle®.

SQL Tuning is a classical problem for every DBAs. Tuning SQL statements is finding the fastest route to execute the SQL statements. In order to tune a SQL statement, you are required to know your database architecture and have in-depth knowledge of SQL tuning skill.

“There are a lot of SQL tuning tips in the market, but most of them are good only in specific database environment. You need to try those tips one by one manually on your databases. It is not only time-consuming, but there is also no guarantee that you will find the best performance solution for your SQL statements,” said KaMing Ng, CEO of Tosska. “It may be up to days or weeks for a DBA or experienced SQL developer to tune a problematic SQL statement. SQL tuning is a very skillful job that not many developers are able to carry out in an enterprise. Should such expensive and valuable time be saved and used for other even more productive tasks inside a company? That’s why we designed TSE to solve this problem.”

“The design concept behind TSE™ is to provide a machine tuning tool that optimizes SQL statements without the need of user’s involvement. Users just need to input their problematic SQL statements into the tool and press a button and then the tool will take care the rest. Users don’t have to do analysis, guessing or testing during the entire SQL tuning process,” said Richard To, CTO of Tosska. “TSE™ achieves this by using a proprietary technology with an embedded Artificial Intelligent (AI) engine invented by Tosska to mimic a human expert SQL tuning process, in which the engine tries every possible effective Oracle Hints combinations for a SQL statement to improve the execution speed within the given quota. As the permutation of Oracle Hints combinations to a SQL statement is so huge, it is impossible for a human expert to accomplish it for complex SQL statements.”

TSE™ is now available for free download from Tosska’s website. Please visit Tosska’s website for details.

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Tosska Technologies is a company that focuses in providing solutions for database and SQL related performance optimization and improvements. Our mission is to help users to smooth out the hurdle by our new technologies. Furthermore, Tosska is one of the very few companies in the world that focus in using artificial intelligence technology to solve various database performance problems. It is our goal to help our customers to reduce their hardware investment; increase their database applications service level and free up their human resources for more strategic activities with our innovative technologies. For more information visit or email us at

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