Tosska DB Ace Enterprise for MySQL


Intelligent SQL tuning beyond human wisdom

Finding and solving the problem with the right tool
Tosska DB Ace Enterprise is an innovative and groundbreaking tool designed for MySQL, offering comprehensive insights into your database performance. It allows you to monitor the individual SQL execution behavior while providing a broader view of your overall database performance. Equipped with powerful A.I.-powered SQL tuning functions, DB Ace Enterprise empowers users to optimize their SQL performance, whether or not source code modification is required.

Module Name Demo Description
Monitor SQL DBAM Monitor SQL Demo Monitor SQL statements and performance in real-time within the Performance Schema, simultaneously across multiple databases.
Inspect SQL DBAM Inspect SQL Demo Perform an analysis of the overall SQL health of the database and identify high workload SQL statements based on resource consumption in different categories.
Tune SQL DBAM Tune SQL Demo Utilize AI SQL Rewrite and Hints Injection techniques to optimize and fine-tune a SQL statement.
Tune SQL for Rewriter Plugin DBAM Tune Rewriter Demo Leverage AI SQL tuning technology for the MySQL Rewriter Plugin to optimize and fine-tune a SQL statement without requiring any modifications to the source code.

Monitor SQL
DB Ace Enterprise for MySQL incorporates a SQL monitor module that enables users to simultaneously monitor the performance of SQL statements across multiple databases. The monitor utilizes the MySQL performance schema, which gathers real-time statistics related to server activity, including CPU usage, memory consumption, I/O operations, and query execution statistics. By leveraging this information, the monitor offers comprehensive insights into server performance, aiding in the identification of bottlenecks and areas that can be optimized for improved efficiency.

SQL Inspector
The SQL Inspector encompasses three key features that aid in optimizing SQL performance

SQL Resource Spectrum Analysis
This method delves into the relationship between resource consumption and the top SQL statements within the entire database. By leveraging the Pareto principle, it identifies a small percentage of SQL statements that contribute significantly to resource usage. Users can set a resource threshold to identify these high-impact SQL statements, allowing for focused tuning efforts and maximum performance improvement.

Overall SQL Healthiness Assessment
This feature provides a comprehensive overview of SQL behavior. It highlights whether a small percentage of SQL statements consumes a substantial amount of resources. A poor healthiness score indicates a deviation from the expected distribution, indicating the need for immediate tuning of the resource-intensive SQL statements.

Top Resource Consumption SQL Analysis
This analysis showcases the top SQL statements along with their resource consumption ratios. By presenting this information, it enables users to quickly identify the SQL statements that consume the most resources. This assists in efficient targeting and prioritization of SQL tuning efforts. By utilizing these three features of the SQL Inspector, users gain valuable insights into resource consumption patterns, identify problematic SQL statements, and optimize performance accordingly.

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World’s leading A.I. SQL Rewrite plus Hints Injection technology for MySQL database
Tosska’s A.I. SQL Rewrite, combined with the A.I. Hints Injection Engine, is a cutting-edge technology for MySQL databases. While manual rewriting and query hints injection are commonly used for SQL tuning, they can be time-consuming and costly. Skilled developers and DBAs spend hours or even days rewriting and testing SQL statements, but the results may not be optimal due to the limitations of manual efforts.

Tosska’s A.I. SQL Rewrite and Hints Injection Engine revolutionize the SQL tuning process. It automatically explore and identify the most effective SQL syntax and hints injection for problematic statements. This technology goes beyond what even experienced developers can achieve, saving valuable time and effort.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Tosska’s solution streamlines the SQL tuning process and eliminates the need for manual rewriting. It offers developers a more efficient and effective way to optimize SQL statements, ensuring improved performance without the extensive manual labor.

Tosska’s A.I. SQL Rewrite and Hints Injection Engine stand as the world’s leading machine SQL Tuning technology for MySQL databases, providing developers with unprecedented capabilities to enhance SQL performance and achieve optimal results.

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Tune SQL for Rewriter Plugin
The Rewriter Plugin for MySQL is an extension that allows for the modification and rewriting of SQL statements before they are executed by the MySQL server. It intercepts incoming SQL queries, applies predefined rules or custom logic, and transforms the queries to achieve different outcomes.

With the Rewriter Plugin, developers can implement advanced query transformations, such as query rewriting, query caching, or adding hints to guide the query optimizer. It enables fine-grained control over query execution and helps improve performance by optimizing queries or directing them to specific resources.

Tosska DB Ace Enterprise for MySQL offers a unique feature that automatically generates SQL replace rules for the Rewriter Plugin. This market-leading technology optimizes SQL statements without requiring changes to the source code. It streamlines the process of generating, testing, and deploying SQL replacement rules, making SQL optimization with the Rewriter Plugin more efficient and effective.

How to tune SQL when you can’t edit the source code?
When faced with the challenge of tuning SQL without the ability to edit the source code directly, different approaches can be taken based on the scenario.

Package application user
If you’re using a package application and lack the ability to directly modify SQL queries, you can still optimize their performance. In this case, the MySQL Rewriter Plugin comes to your aid. By utilizing this feature, you can replace underperforming SQL statements with more efficient alternatives without requiring direct query modifications. The plugin enables you to define rules that automatically substitute problematic queries with improved versions, resulting in enhanced SQL performance.

Application developer with time constraints
As an application developer pressed for time and in need of a quick solution for SQL performance, the MySQL Rewriter Plugin offers a viable option. Rather than investing extensive time in modifying the source code and conducting thorough unit tests, you can leverage the plugin’s capabilities. By identifying the specific SQL statements causing performance issues, you can create SQL replacement rules within the Rewriter Plugin. This approach allows for immediate improvements in SQL performance without the necessity of extensive code changes or lengthy testing procedures.

In both scenarios, Tosska DB Ace for MySQL Rewriter Plugin play a crucial role in optimizing SQL performance when direct source code modifications are not feasible. By utilizing Tosska DB Ace, you can efficiently replace underperforming SQL statements with highly optimized alternatives. This results in enhanced query execution and overall application efficiency.

Ad-hoc SQL tuning becomes easier
Ad-hoc SQL tuning is simplified with the Rewriter Plugin. During data-intensive processes like month-end or year-end tasks, certain SQL statements may face performance issues. To avoid prolonged processes and business impact, preventive measures should be taken. By deploying optimized query plans controlled by the Rewriter Plugin before executing the SQL statements, better performance can be achieved. Users have the flexibility to disable or remove SQL replacement rules after completing the processes, allowing for normal query plans and smoother daily operations.

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