TIM™ In-memory SQL Tuning

For mission critical SQL statements, users may want to tune their SQL with Oracle® In-memory feature to the best performance. TIM™ provides an innovative function to help user to evaluate and tune a SQL with relevant table objects hypothetically populating into in-memory or depopulating from in-memory. An intelligent engine is embedded to thoroughly explore most combinations of table candidates that manual SQL tuning cannot achieve, it is especially helpful for complicated SQL statement tuning with many tables join.

IM SQL Tuning modules provides a SQL Text Panel for users to input or paste a SQL statement in this panel for tuning. Using User Scenario function, user can simulate the scenario of a SQL statement that if certain tables are putting into in-memory or removing from in-memory with specific retrieval operations and review what impact to the SQL’s execution plan.

Alternatively TIM™ provides the Auto Scenario option where users can press this button to try most in-memory objects combinations of the SQL statement with necessary hints application, unique execution plan scenarios will be displayed for bench-marking.

Users can select one or multiple scenarios to test run with the Test Run Options provided in TIM™ to actually execute scenarios for bench-marking. With the Compare SQL Scenarios function, users can review two SQL statements/scenarios side by side, the SQL text, execution plan and statistics are displayed for easy comparison. Any discrepancy in execution plans will also be highlighted.