TIM™ In-memory Advisor

Due to the in-memory size limitation, user must be very careful to select what tables to populate into in-memory and work best for a given SQL Workload. A SQL workload is a set of SQL statements captured from Oracle AWR or SGA at a specific time, there may be up to thousands of SQL statements that are accessing more than hundreds of tables. So, how to select tables to populate into in-memory within a given memory size is always a difficult problem. Furthermore, user may want to know that if there any solutions that can provide comparable solutions with less memory requirement for a given workload.

A maximum memory size is given by user; TIM can recommend solutions with less IM memory requirement.

With Tosska’s proprietary artificial intelligent engine, the IM Advisor is able to find the best recommendation of IM objects within a certain quota or time period for SQL workload from AWR or SGA. The recommended IM objects will have the best impact to the given workload. It means user can use this module to improve performance for a specific time slot SQL workload from AWR or current SQL workload from SGA.

When a new advisor session is created, user will be asked to extract SQL from SGA or AWR to compose a SQL workload for recommendation of IM objects. Once the extract SQL is finished, the IM Advisor screen will be displayed, the number of SQL captured and valid SQL with successful explain plan will also be displayed. You can review the details of SQL by clicking the hyperlink SQL Details anytime on this screen.