The ultimate SQL tuning tool is here !

Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro for Oracle is a one-button-solution tool that can tune a SQL statement automatically without the need of users’ intervention. It tunes SQL statements just by easy points and clicks.

TSE Pro uses Tosska’s proprietary Artificial Intelligent technology to automate the process of generating Hints to improve SQL performance.

It automatically creates SQL Patches or SQL Plan Baselines for the injected hints without touching the source code. It is the only tool in the market that fully automate the process from SQL tuning to plan deployment.

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Hints-Based SQL Tuning

  • SQL performance detached from application source code.
  • SQL performance can be deployed and rollback anytime, anywhere.
  • Same source SQL code tailorable for to fit different sizes of databases.

TSE Pro Features and Benefits

  • SQL tuning by easy Points-and-clicks
  • Do not touch program source code, and therefore do not need to redo unit test, integration test.
  • Same program source but different performance query plans for various sizes of production databases.
  • Ad hoc SQL tuning for sudden high volume of data periodically such as month-end or year-end processes.
  • Index Adviser to review and explore more potential indexes that are helpful but may be missing in current database schema.

TSE Pro SQL tuning approach

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Simple Tuning Process

  • Paste the problematic SQL statements and press <Tune> button.
  • The AI based Automatic Hints Injection process will be executed to look for potential better query plans.
  • The best query plan will be shown on the summary page.
  • Select and click <Deploy Plan> button. The speed of original SQL statement will be improved.
  • Oracle SQL optimizer will use the new plan of the deployed SQL patch next time while receiving the same SQL statement.
  • Users don’t have to modify their program sources to solve the SQL performance problems.
Index Advisor

  • AI based cost-aware and SQL workload contribution sensitive engine.
  • Handles up to thousands of SQL statements.
  • Review new indexes and affected SQL statements side by side.
  • Index advice listing from fewer indexes to more indexes for user selection.