An Example to Show How to Tune SQL with Query Store for SQL Server

The Query Store feature in SQL Server serves as a valuable tool for troubleshooting performance issues by allowing users to quickly identify performance degradation caused by changes to query plans.
For example, when the following SQL statement is executed in SSMS, it takes 15,579 ms to finish.

Using the Top Resource Consuming Queries feature in Query Store, we can see that the SQL with Query ID 23713 and its corresponding Plan ID 37290 are displayed in the Plan Summary window.

To obtain the SQL text from SQL Server, you can manually extract it using the Query Id and accessing the relevant system tables, namely sys.query_store_query and sys.query_store_query_text. Alternatively, if you have a tool that can help extract the SQL text, it may be displayed on the screen below.
The tool accept a Query Id or partial SQL text to locate a specific SQL statement from Query Store for SQL tuning.

The screen below shows how the product endeavors to enhance SQL performance by injecting a range of Hint combinations into queries and creating corresponding Plan Guides for analysis. When done manually, this process can be difficult, as there are many possible permutations of Hints to assess. Without a comprehensive understanding of SQL tuning and the underlying problems with the query plan, identifying the best combination of Hints may require extensive trial and error.
This tool is a fully automated SQL tuning solution that utilizes Query Store. In its investigation, the tool injected 100 different Hints into the SQL queries and identified 75 unique query plans. After conducting a benchmark, it was found that the Query Store 66 (QS 66) resulted in the best performance, achieving a processing time savings of 98.45%. The optimized query included the following Hints:

Once we have determined the optimal Hints for the SQL statement, we can Force this plan for the SQL query, as displayed on the screen below. By doing so, the performance of the SQL will be improved the next time it is executed by the user’s program, without requiring any modifications to its source code.

Displayed on the screen below is evidence that executing the same SQL statement in SSMS results in significantly improved performance. The CPU time has decreased from 54202 ms to 391 ms, resulting in a 138-fold improvement, while the elapsed time has reduced from 15579 ms to 294 ms, resulting in a 52-fold improvement.

A new product designed to optimize SQL statements for Query Store
Tosska DB Ace for SQL Server marks a significant leap forward in this domain since it surpasses the reactive recovery capabilities of Query Store and introduces proactive SQL performance enhancement. This pioneering technology allows users to extract SQL from the Query Store and optimize it by creating new and improved query plans within the Query Store. With Tosska DB Ace, users can implement these new plans to their SQL without requiring any modifications to the program source code or extensive testing.

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