TMC™ Membership (Maintenance)

Tosska Maestros’ Club (TMC™)

Tosska’s current licensing policy allow all customers to enjoy lifetime FREE Release Upgrades (i.e. same product with the same version no. but of different releases) for the same product version as long as that product version is under ‘active support’. However if customers want to enjoy the new functions and features offered by a new version of the same product, they have to pay the full license fee in order to get a new license key to upgrade the product to the latest version.

In view of that, Tosska has created Tosska Maestros’ Club (TMC™), a platform that provides Tosska customers to enjoy special privileges provided by Tosska. When Tosska customers buy Tosska solutions, they have the option to join the Tosska Maestros’ Club (TMC™) at the same time for a year by paying an additional annual membership fee, for that chosen product. One of the key benefits of being a TMC™ member is to enjoy unlimited FREE Version Upgrade (i.e. same product but with different version and/or releases) for the same product that they have purchased TMC™ membership, as long as their membership is active. Existing TMC™ members can also renew their membership annually by paying the corresponding TMC™ annual membership fee before their membership expire. However customers that are NOT existing TMC™ members, or that have their membership expired without renewing, are not allowed to join TMC™. That means they have to pay for the full license fee if they want to do version upgrades.

In addition to unlimited FREE Version Upgrade, TMC™ members will also entitle to all other TMC™ membership benefits that Tosska announces from time to time. For example, TMC™ members can apply to be the early adopter of our new product / version beta release program subjected to the approval of Tosska. Or, if elected by Tosska to be our new product pilot program partner, can have our new Tosska products free of charge.