Do I have to implement all indexes recommended by TSE Pro?

You can evaluate the efficiency of the recommended indexes to your SQL workload to select most effective indexes for your database, but we recommend you to decrease the size of “Maximum number of recommended indexes” to let our AI engine to recommend a new set of indexes with less number of indexes.

How TSE Pro™ helps save your effort to tune a SQL ?

There have been already a lot of SQL tuning products in the market providing better query plan visualization, better statistics analysis, high cost query plan steps indication, or even rule-of-thumb syntax recommendations. All in all, those tools are not helpful if users don’t have in-depth SQL tuning knowledge and are not willing to spend extra effort to tune a SQL apart from their daily duties. Users are eager for one-button-solution tool that can tune a SQL statement automatically without the need of users’ intervention. Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro is an innovative product that can accept a bad performance SQL statement and give a better solution just by users’ multiple easy points and clicks.

How TSE Pro™ helps save your effort to implement the SQL performance fix

Developers are used to tuning SQL statements by rewriting or applying hints to the SQL text to influence database SQL optimizer to generate a better query plan for the SQL statement. A tuned SQL statement must be placed back to the program source and necessary testing has to be carried out before software deployment. It is a time-consuming and error-prone process. With Tosska SQL tuning technology, users can streamline their SQL tuning process in one product without the need to touch their programs’ source code. Our Automatic Hints Injection process will help user to find potential better query plans. The speed of original SQL statement will be improved automatically after deploying the SQL Patch with the original SQL text. Oracle SQL optimizer will use the new plan of the deployed SQL patch next time while receiving the same SQL statement. Therefore, users do not have to modify their program sources to solve the SQL performance problems.

How does TSE Pro™ work and what technology does it use?

Tosska SQL tuning uses our proprietary Auto-Hints-Injection technology to highly explore a given SQL statement’s potential execution plans that the Oracle SQL optimizer cannot archive within a limited timeframe. Furthermore, our technology is not limited by unreliable cost estimation algorithm, blinding SQL syntax restructure or any misleading human rule-of-thumb assumptions, since all those methods may not be valid in various database environments. We believe that every database is unique and there is no single rule which can improve a SQL across the board.

Although Oracle has the most sophisticated SQL optimizer, there are no guarantees that all SQL statements can be running up to the users’ expected performance. It is just like other databases in the market; Oracle knows the limitations of their database SQL optimizer. Therefore, they provide more than a hundred of Optimizer Hints to help users to tune bad performance SQL statements manually. To effective use those hints to tune a SQL statement is a difficult task even for experienced SQL developers, as they have to understand the SQL’s execution plan, SQL syntax and how those applied hints are affecting the execution plan generated by Oracle SQL optimizer. There are not many experts in the market that can master this technique to compose compatible Hints and create SQL Patches for complex SQL statements.

Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro is the only powerful tool that can automatically compose Hints and create SQL Patches to optimize a SQL statement without touching your program source code. The optimization solutions provided by the product normally can outperform most of human experts in the market.

How does TSE Pro™ different from TSE™ ?

Below are the Products Features Comparison between Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro (TSE Pro™) and Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSE™) :

Modules Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro (TSE Pro™) Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSE™)
Tune SQL – Hints Injection Yes Yes
Tune SQL – Deploy Plan Yes No
Advise Indexes Yes No
Manage SQL Patches Yes No
Manage Plan Baselines Yes No